Still Warm is coming along

Still Warm is a little magazine I’ve been working on with my friend Frankie. He sketches cute and twisted things and is very good at clean and sleek designery stuff. We wanted to collaborate on something and so Still Warm is what we have decided to pour creative energy into this year.  It’s felt really productive to have some direction for all my ideas, instead of them floating around in my head and never coming to fruition. So I’m using Still Warm as an anchor for various other projects I’ve dreamt up. People I’ve Slept With; a concept that has taken the form of a photo blog and a zine so far, will be appearing in the magazine amongst other things. Writing for Still Warm has been the first writing I’ve done in a long time that wasn’t some sort of travel diary or break-up angst. So that in itself has been something to feel proud about. That’s what my contribution is; writing, organisational-type activities, and the interweb play. The magazine is going to be in print form, but I’m keen to have a strong web presence too. Speaking of which, head over to the Still Warm wordpress and have a peek. It’s shaping up pretty well with additional material available online.

So we are this close to printing.  Just a few more little tweaks and this thing should be all go.  But here’s a picture while we all wait in anticipation.