SonicErotica Launch

by Hannahspeltbackwards


SonicErotica is a free erotic web site that aims to produce content designed for and accessible to vision impaired people. It is easy to navigate with a screen reader such as JAWS, and is full of stimulating stories, adventures, and personal confessions to make your ears blush.  I have spent this year working hard to produce new content for the site and this week was SonicErotica’s official relaunch, and the beginning of regular updates.  As the Sonic Erotica Online Content Producer I source fiction, voice artists and sound effects; I direct the talent, edit and mix the final product and write the site news.  This relaunch of SonicErotica is my baby.  So although it’s early days, it is really fulfilling to be able to finally release what I’ve been focussing on this year and hopefully it will gain some attention and feedback from both the sighted and non-sighted communities.  I’ve tried to stay true to the vision of erotica for the visually-impaired because I believe it is an important aspect of accessibility.  The site will feature personal sexcapade stories, the aural voyeurism of listening in on intimate moments as well as fiction, richly enhanced with immersive and real sound effects.  And it’s free, so have a listen and think about how erotic just listening can be.