Content Writer Hannah Miller

Month: October, 2010

Bright Lights Big City

On the weekend I took part in the photography competition, Shoot My City. This is the first of my pictures with another new analogue camera, and it’s the picture I’m happiest with from the weekend. More about camera and competition later.  Check out the rest of the pictures our team took for Shoot My City here.



One of the creative modes of transportation at Burning Man festival, Sep 2010. Taken with my Diana Mini.

Organic Metal

Sculptures at Burning Man festival, September 2010.  Diana Mini.

Issue 3

Issue 3 of People I’ve Slept With was put together very quickly just after my trip to the Burning Man festival, in Nevada, USA.  It features sleepers from Black Rock City, the temporary metropolis that exists in the desert once a year for the festival.  I’ve dubbed this issue “Burners I’ve Slept With.”  The sleepers are mainly other members of our camp, Camp Maybe as well as a couple of people from neighboring camps who stopped by to crash on our couches or in our hammocks.  In this issue there are even some coupled sleepers who bunked down together.  The cover image is of Anna having a  rest stop on one of the sculptures in a desert dust storm.  It is a available at Polyester bookstore in Melbourne and I have just sent off some copies to Bird in The Hand distro.

Diana at Burning Man

One of the pictures I took with my Diana lomo camera at the Burning Man Festival, September 2010.

Sleep With a Person I Slept With

Lay your head on these limited edition People I’ve Slept With pillowcases, and you can be cheek to cheek with Celeste, the sleeper whose image is lovingly screenprinted onto each one. The image is a sketch of the original photograph I took of Celeste while she slept, with a grey shading layer.  Each pillowslip also has a secret message printed just inside.  I spent many hours at Elle’s house churning these out in time for the exhibition. Thanks very much to El and Andrew for their patience, hospitality and sharing of equipment and skill. I think these worked out to be a lovely addition to the People I’ve Slept With project.  If you are interested in screenprinting, hit up Kick and Screen for expert help.

Exhibition Opened!

Last night was the opening of our Don’t Give Up Your Day Job exhibition at Hogan Gallery.  I had photographs from my People I’ve Slept With project framed.  I was also selling my zines there, along with limited edition screen-printed pillowslips and very special comfort packs.  Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support, the turnout was very impressive!  All the artists in the exhibition produced brilliant work and we were very proud of the result when we finished hanging at 1am in the morning, looked around and realised what a creative bunch we are.  There was even a performance by Jessie Ngaio – you never know what will come out of her wondrous brain.