Content Writer Hannah Miller

Month: March, 2011

Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Twin Lens

Looking in the viewfinder of my Gokken Twin Lens Reflex Camera. The camera is facing out our window.  This camera came in a magazine kit that my sister bought me in Malaysia.  I put the plastic pieces together myself with the tiny screwdriver included in the kit.  It’s pretty rad that something I built myself actually takes such lovely pictures with soft focus around the edges. You can manually focus this camera too, and see the result in the viewfinder.


The Fruit Of My Labour

At last! A cucumber!  My cucumber vines, which I have successfully trained to grow up the fence, have had plenty of little yellow flowers dotted along them for a while, but finally I have photographic proof of a cucumber.  This is actually the second one thus far.  The first I left on the plant too long, hoping it would get to grocery store length, but it just turned yellow instead. Alas. This one will not go to waste, however. Plus, I think I spied the beginnings of another on the same plant, so progress is good.