Dumb Arts

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Last night I had a video in the “Dumb Arts” exhibition put on by the folk at Saint One 20. I really enjoyed the way they pitched the premise:

“So here’s my idea; we make art where we deliberately set out to embarrass ourselves. Maybe it won’t even be funny, maybe it will be so damn stupid, so ridiculously dumb that we create awkward silences and people look away uncomfortably. Maybe this art is in the form of stupid drawings of your dog’s butt, maybe it’s Polaroid photos of yourself rolling around covered in scrambled eggs, maybe it’s a performance piece where you just stand in the middle of the room and make fart noises – I don’t know. That’s up to you.”

Oh and I like this part that drives the point home minus the butts, eggs and farts:

“Thing is, though, I believe that to be truly funny you can’t take yourself too seriously and you can’t be afraid of looking like a fool. I think us artists are really bloody scared of looking like idiots but I think that if we’re ever going to be any good, we have to overcome that fear.”

Here’s the video I contributed (best viewed full screen and in a continuous loop):

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/25924968 w=500&h=280]

This is one particularly eccentric gent I met during a recent trip to Spain where I did El Camino de Santiago.  Turning to me at a communal dinner, Gustavo introduced himself to me with a ‘tache wiggle that made me jump out of my seat (to grab the camera!).  I like the way that without the sound of laughter, he just looks kind of weathered, miserable and potentially deranged – yet he’s doing something damn silly.