Matchbox Zine Project

by Hannahspeltbackwards

That thing I made, a post ago…it’s a matchbox zine for the Australian Book Arts Journal. Obviously the challenge was to make a zine which fits inside a matchbox, but can become three dimensional when removed from the box. The matchboxes we were given in our kits were actually a little larger than average matchbox size so we didn’t have to work with the truly teeny tiny kind. I have been interested in using pop ups or paper craft with my zines for a while and so I considered making a tunnel book. But since it would be my first tunnel book attempt, I decided that I might save that idea for when I can refine it at a normal size, rather than try to squeeze it into the matchbox. I looked up different book folding and construction and settled on this style of making fold out albums – a bit of an extension on your average concertina style book. Constructed from individual squares, it leant itself well to the images I had in mind. I wanted this zine to be more visual, since words would just lead to eye strain anyway! On my recent trip to Spain and Portugal I had been fascinated with patterns and textures – particularly tiling – and I amassed quite a bit of photography featuring these patterns. In Portugal many houses have these glossy tiles on their exterior walls, that I can only describe as ugly, yet beautiful. I used these clashing photographs to make the resulting zine titled: Ugly/Beautiful. The matchbox zines will appear on the Australian Book Arts Journal website in November.