Ideas 5 to 10

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Idea #5:  A monthly meet up with my creative friends to show our latest projects and bounce ideas off each other.

Idea #6:  Dye the tip of my fringe black.

Idea #7:  Baked goods as an engagement present?

Idea #8:  Lemon water to start the day for at least a week.

Idea #9:  An online exhibition, which is screened based, but encourages people to host the exhibition simultaneously on computers in spaces such as Internet cafes, art galleries, museums, bars. Visit the exhibition url and there would be a loop of all the curated work. Gifs, films, animations etc. Inspired by Bring Your Own Beamer and Speed Shows.

Idea #10:  Kiteboarding could be the sport for me (Not based on any experience).

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