Idea 11 – 15

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Idea #11: Make Still Warm include internet curation and take Not The Same Backwards down to simply images. Not sure about continuing with Still Warm or reworking it into another project.

Idea #12: For a photographic scene I have in mind, use paper cutout snow flakes, and maybe even a garland from branch to branch to dress the set.

Idea #13: (Came up with this one while trying to fall asleep.) Instead of trying to figure out whether to paint or transfer photographss onto the skull for the exhibition, Cover the skull in fake grass. I looked it up – I should be able to get this at a war games model shop!

Idea #14: Don’t completely coat the skull, first try painting the fake grass into a decorative pattern on the skull.

Idea #15: Fake snow set dressing possibilities: shredded coconut, laundry flakes, instant potato flakes, cotton wool, bean bag beans. Put some glitter in, or sequins so they catch the light. White craft paint mixed with glitter and sand to put onto branches – or just go shopping for christmas decorations.

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