Content Writer Hannah Miller

Month: November, 2011

Skull Art

The exhibition was last week and there were some really interesting and diverse responses to the theme. Here’s a look at my contribution, made from a potted brain cactus and modeller’s grass. The curators have also put together a publication titled, “The Rest is Silence: Death and the skull in contemporary art.” It will be launched in February 2012 and can be ordered here.

The book includes skull images and stories by the 100 artists in the show, plus more skull images from near and far, a collection of essays by Christine Schmidt, Helen Macdonald, David McInnes and Helen Huges and introduction by Claire Lambe and Elvis Richardson.


Internet Curation

I’ve become an obsessive poster over at my tumblr and pinterest of all the inspiring art and fascinating creative projects that I daily come across online. When Lost At E Minor – a site I regularly visit amongst my hefty blogroll of similarly attention grabbing content – invited me to submit multiple posts, I was eager to put some together for them. But then I kept discovering more and more amazing stuff, and found it hard to limit myself. What really blew my mind? What had me revisiting for a second look? What truly represented me and my taste?
I finally narrowed it down to plugging a couple of friends whose art really impresses me, some Australian projects to give it a local flavour and a couple of extras that I felt were quite relevant to my own art and interests. See what I posted here and for all the overflow (and less proofread words), check out my tumblr Not The Same Backwards.

Ugly/Beautiful Online

The entries from the Matchbox Zine project are now online at the Australian Book Arts Journal and will be exhibited there for the next 6 months. Project organiser Linda Douglas wrote, “We were overwhelmed  with and inspired by the standard of the works we received.” My entry is one of four of the zines from this project, which were chosen to appear in the printed December Issue of the journal. The gallery of entries is well worth a look. I especially like the concept of the one titled, “Why Did I Burn All The Matches?” Some really intricate binding techniques featured as well.

Ideas 27 & 28

Idea #27: Make a short film/doco of interviews of my friends talking about what makes them unhappy. I think this idea is partly inspired by reading this today, and by the familiarity of feeling unhappy but being unable to justify it because I know many people are unhappy about far worse things.

Idea #28: I was visualising the aesthetics of this unhappiness film and an idea came to me from watching this video clip today. I love the quick back and forth edit when she lifts and hides behind her shirt. I already love it when the camera focuses on interviewees’ gestures, but it could be extra interesting to emphasise gestures with similar stuttering edits to electronic music worked into the film soundscape.

Ideas 16 to 22

Idea #16:  Have  a garage sale in January. Just advertise with signs.

Idea #17:  Pack stuff for garage sale into boxes and keep them under the bed till then.

Idea #18:  Have a Camberwell market stall too – mainly of clothes.

Idea #19: Photograph all the childhood mementos that I just don’t have space for anymore. The pictures will be memory enough.

Idea #20: Scan all my travel ephemera and let it go. Why did I collect all that anyway! Takes up too much space.

Idea #21: Put the photos of my teenage frog collection onto a blog. – A frog blog!

Idea #22: No time to do my snow self-portrait for the First Time competition, but I have an idea with mum’s old photos.

Idea #23: Playing with mums photos I really loved the graininess and the scratches. I want to make some art focusing on these imperfections.

Idea #24: It doesn’t matter if I actually post an “Idea A Day” but just generate ideas as often as I can.

Idea #25: Convince Frankie and Aviv to let me collaborate with them on a Pomme De La Pomme film clip in the next few months.

Idea #26: Steve has this video idea to make a nature watching hut in a graffiti lane in the city and observe the tourists. Would the hut be covered in bark and branches to camouflage or would it have ‘urban camouflage’ of graffiti and paste ups?

Seeing Her Before There Was Me

Scanned some negatives from the 1970s for my mum as part of her 60th birthday present. I can see both her and myself in the one above. Uncanny to see her in her 20s, when that hiking T-shirt wasn’t vintage. Check that backpack with its external frame! Milkshake, Morris Minor and flared overalls!

Death Be Kind

“The rest is silence” exhibition has been conceived to create a mass object of skulls as an experiential installation where the gallery space becomes a catacomb or a funerial skull cave if you will. Accompanying the exhibition is a printed book that captions the stories behind the skulls and celebrates and critiques the proliferation of skulls in contemporary art and culture.

I’m participating in this exhibition, which will feature over 100 artists’ interpretations of the symbol of the skull. And it’s opening on my birthday.