Ideas 16 to 22

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Idea #16:  Have  a garage sale in January. Just advertise with signs.

Idea #17:  Pack stuff for garage sale into boxes and keep them under the bed till then.

Idea #18:  Have a Camberwell market stall too – mainly of clothes.

Idea #19: Photograph all the childhood mementos that I just don’t have space for anymore. The pictures will be memory enough.

Idea #20: Scan all my travel ephemera and let it go. Why did I collect all that anyway! Takes up too much space.

Idea #21: Put the photos of my teenage frog collection onto a blog. – A frog blog!

Idea #22: No time to do my snow self-portrait for the First Time competition, but I have an idea with mum’s old photos.

Idea #23: Playing with mums photos I really loved the graininess and the scratches. I want to make some art focusing on these imperfections.

Idea #24: It doesn’t matter if I actually post an “Idea A Day” but just generate ideas as often as I can.

Idea #25: Convince Frankie and Aviv to let me collaborate with them on a Pomme De La Pomme film clip in the next few months.

Idea #26: Steve has this video idea to make a nature watching hut in a graffiti lane in the city and observe the tourists. Would the hut be covered in bark and branches to camouflage or would it have ‘urban camouflage’ of graffiti and paste ups?