Half Aussie – Half Kiwi

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Some more of my childhood possessions give a little clue into my diverse (ha!) upbringing with an mother from Australia and  a father from New Zealand. Above is a much loved stuffed kiwi with a torn nose (beak?) and foot. This fella has a music box inside with a key at the back, as shown in the video below. Pretty sure that tune isn’t native to NZ though.

Here are some Australian stuffed animals: a wombat and a platypus. I remember that Mum’s favourite animal was always the platypus. They are a pretty cool mix of animal parts, but still not as freakily awesome as the Philippine tarsier.

Some more kiwi souvenirs, a tiki and another kiwi.

Australian arts and crafts? I’m not much of a patriot but I guess it’s unavoidable in childhood for some Australiana to rub off on me. I remember telling my parents that I wanted a bush instrument, so Dad helped me construct this bottle cap rattle contraption. I think it used to have a few more bottle caps than pictured here. Complete with a gum nut just to really make it authentic. And then decorated with some lovely silver spray paint!

And then some googley-eyed gum nut people, or rather a gum nut baby and a pinecone guy, complete with PVA glue dribbling all over, and a coating of multi-coloured glitter.