Idea 30 and 31

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Idea #30: Create a quarterly penpal/subscription network amongst my friends. We will send each other mystery packages of things we made/found/bought/wrote with a small size to keep postage costs down. Everyone sending the same thing/s to all involved. Use a Facebook event to gather a list of subscriber/contributors. Set a limit of how many people can be involved – so that we can all afford to make/buy the content and send the packages. Things inside can be something with a local flavour, or something that inspired us, something we picked up at a market, objects that tell a story. Hmmm maybe each mailing period can have a theme like in the Wander app. Combines a way to keep in touch with friends at home, my love of receiving packages, and the element of surprise!
Inspired by subscriptions like: The Thing Quarterly, Quarterly Co. and Lost Crates.

Idea #31: Make a Meetup event where the point is to make something that draws on the creativity of our inner child. Eg: the materials we have to use are just toilet rolls, or making sandcastles etc. Though, I fear that as adults there’d be someone who could make some amazing cut paper sculpture out of a toilet roll and leave the rest of us with glue in our hair.
Idea inspired by the amazing things kids are doing here.