A Few Firsts

by Hannahspeltbackwards

I realised that I still have pictures to post of the objects from my youth. See other posts here and here. These items are quite representative of ‘growing up.’ Above is my green belt, the level I reached in karate. That’s until I got sick of going to classes where there was no one else my age and I either had to spar with over-zealous younger boys who would be using all their strength on me while I was holding back from hurting them, or fully grown men who I couldn’t even reach high enough to punch.

This is my first perfume, a nearly empty bottle handed down to me by my mother. Oh Anais Anais – its scent is as elderly as its bottle design.

My first pair of glasses. No wonder these ended up staying in the case more often than not. Mmmm tortoiseshell.

My first watch. One of those ones that has the number of the minutes as well as the hours, for learning to tell the time. I probably need it again now, since I’m so used to digital.

And this little number is the uber geeky wallet chain I used so that I wouldn’t loose my bus pass in the first year of high school. Those yearlies were precious! At the time I thought it was just so darn practical, though I do recall being mocked by other kids but I think I just didn’t care. It was like, them: Oh my god what is that! (mocking tone) Me: Oh look it’s soooo useful, it just goes on this button on my school dress and into my pocket and I won’t loose my bus pass! (oblivious to mocking)