In the Cornfield

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Have you seen coloured smoke bombs? They are like a firework that you light, but instead of shooting sparks into the sky they release a plume of coloured smoke. Fireworks are not something we get to play with all that much in Australia. When we visited a pal in New Jersey, she happened to have some of these little gems, so we headed to the nearest deserted cornfield to let them off (as you do). Having posted about the beautiful photography of Ignacio Torres recently on tumblr, I had some high hopes for snapping a few shots. But of course, like fireworks, it’s all a race to light the fuse, run back and get a good vantage point. You are at the mercy of the wind direction and time, and in my case, the slower workings of a film camera. I used the Olympus Trip with 100 ISO slide film again. The results are not quite as magical as the effects achieved with coloured powder  in this video, this video and this one – but I did enjoy the stark appearance of the dry, broken corn stalks against the soft smoke and the eerily dark sky.