Daily Draw

by Hannahspeltbackwards

In the lead up to Vancouver Draw Down – “a celebration of drawing in everyday life,” there was a drawing project that invited everyone to follow daily instructions to create one drawing per day for a month. I jumped on the bandwagon late, after I discovered it on Facebook, but it was fun to have these simple challenges to remind me that everyone can draw – in under 15 minutes! Here are the ones I participated in.

Day 23: Draw  A Crumpled Piece of Paper

Crumpled Paper

Day 24: Draw a Map  (this was a map of that day’s activities)

Draw A Map

Day 27: Draw a flower with your eyes closed

Flower With Eyes Closed

I would have loved to make it to the day of drawing events on June 9th, but I was away in scenic Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island for a special event! Next year I’ll have to try to complete the whole month’s worth of daily drawings.