Ideas 32 – 37

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Idea # 32:  Turn an ironic kitschy yet glam pic in the style of this friend’s tumblr Mood board into a cross stitched work of art for my wall. I love cross stitch but want to use a completely unexpected image.

Idea # 33:  Get an old frame and weave string or wire across it an fix air plants to it as a wall garden. Inspired by seeing these air plants at Maker Faire out of the typical glass terrarium hangers, and from this pin on Pinterest.

Idea #34:  Recycle old jars and bottles as terrariums to hang in the window. So far I have only made terrariums to sit on my shelves, but since my herbs aren’t doing well with only North-facing, indirect light, I should embrace the tropicals with a terrarium window garden.

Idea #35:  Make some macrame hanging pot holders for the hooks I discovered in the hallway near my kitchen. I found instructions here and here, but still looking for where to get the macrame cord.

Idea #36: Make my new social media buddy Vea come to all the meet ups I’ve been wanting to go to but am too scared to attend alone!

Idea#37: Surround myself with more blue things to inspire creativity! And then pull in some red when it comes to crunch time. Re: this article.