The Vancouver Makerverse

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

I’ve been volunteering as part of the media team for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. If you are not familiar with the ‘Maker movement‘ it basically encompasses anyone who is engaged in the act of making. The Maker Faire is a yearly event that began in California. The Vancouver event, which happened this past weekend, is one of the satellite events that has sprung up in Maker Faire’s wake – hence the ‘Mini’. So a Maker can be anyone with a DIY mindset, whether they come from a background of arts, craft, engineering or science. The event featured an abundance of robots, 3D printers, interactive projections, circuit making and bending, quilting, embroidery, paper craft, vehicles, surfboards… and the list goes on. It’s basically like a science fair for adults. I helped out by interviewing makers for ‘Meet Your Makers’ blog posts. As you can imagine, it’s given me access to some truly fascinating interview subjects.

I interviewed Drawbot maker, Dan Royer,

amateur perfumer, Barry Shell

and crafter and creator of the Mighty Ugly project, Kim Werker.