3D 35mm Gif Magic!

by Hannahspeltbackwards

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Yes! It works! I’m so excited that I finally made a gif from my 3D camera that I had to post it straight away! Thankyou Nishika N8000 – all the elements have finally come together for gif creation. Mainly the trouble has been that all the photolabs charge too much to scan the unusal shaped negatives, so I haven’t seen any results except from holding my negatives up to the light. But, in a welcome twist of fate, my last roll of film got stuck in the camera, snapping only a few 3D pics before I had to pull it out, and the photolab doesn’t seem to have charged me extra to scan these. Now that I know the camera can actually take photographs in focus, I’m going to invest in my own scanner and then I can do this all the time. Yay! This pic is from the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. That’s how long I’ve been waiting.