Ideas 38 to 48

by Hannahspeltbackwards

This idea list is also becoming somewhat of a To Do list.

Idea #38:  Pitch a video series idea to Vancouver Is Awesome. Make one video first, to show as part of the pitch. (I’ll keep the actual concept secret for now.)

Idea #39:  Go for a walk in the mornings to wake me up. And take photos. Creativity and exercise 2 in 1.

Idea #40:  Vancouver photo sets I’ve started working on: house names, view from bus stops, hedges.

Idea #41:  Do a Papergirl submission with photos from these sets or maybe a lenticular pic.

Idea #42:  I have a few awesome pictures I just got developed (soon to appear here), mostly of all the spring blossoms in local streets. I love the way photographs are being used to create digital prints in fashion lately (See this lookbook). I can imagine some throw pillows that are just big photographs, and I could make them using this technique. I could even do People I’ve Slept With pillows again! It works with laser printed images, but maybe not coated photographs. If not, there’s a simple trick of using freezer paper to put fabric through an ink-jet that Quilters have been using for years!

Idea #43:  Move this blog and People I’ve Slept With to be self hosted wordpress with their own domains. I can/should also learn how to make use of more Word Press plugins. Some important ones I saw featured at the Northern Voice 2012 conference that I recently attended were: SEO by Yoast and the Facebook plugin. I’d also like to use a lightbox for images.

Idea #44:  Then I can get letterpress business cards from Etsy with the new domains!

Other Northern Voice related ideas

Idea# 45:  Use my recently acquired subscription to learn Ableton and Garage band so that I can add music to my audio and video docos and interviews. (Northern Voice reminded me that so many things can be learned on lynda. I’d been meaning to get it for video editing programs anyway.)

Idea #46:  Put pictures from my blog posts onto a Pinterest board. Pinterest is a huge traffic generator, I just have to learn how to best utilise it.

Other productivity ideas:

Idea #47:  Go to a coffee shop at about 3pm so I can work through a few more hours beyond when Jay gets home, instead of feeling distracted and stopping. I had been struggling with my productive time being interrupted at 5, because I work best from about 12 to 7 when I’m at home. Following the advice to remove distractions, re: Mike Vardy’s talk on blogging productivity. “People leave distractions up because it gives you an excuse to bow out.” I’m finding that at a coffee shop, I barely get up in case someone steals my laptop (Though Canadian’s are generally too honest for that). It’s too noisy for audio editing though.

Idea #48:  Use Evernote or a similar program for better lists, note taking and task management. At the moment my lists and ideas are scattered around on my Stickies, a growing number of .txt files on my desk top, some written in a book, some in the notes on my iPod Touch, and some bookmarks on Springpad. I have envisioned exactly what I want in a list making app, but hopefully I’ll find it already exists in Evernote once I give it a try.