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Self Publishing

When Salford Zine Library put a call out for zine makers to participate in a documentary project last year, I recorded myself answering some of their questions. Being used to being the interviewer rather than the interviewee, it was quite difficult being in front of the camera. Especially since it was just me and the camera, with no one to prompt me. I ended up being a bit of a perfectionist with my answers since I wanted to be sure to give a useable sound bite. I still didn’t know if they would use it at all, but it turns out I might make an appearance or two if the final film. I’ve popped up in a couple of preview chapters that the filmmakers have put online.

Craig Barr interviewed self-publishers across Manchester, including OWT Creative, Vapid Kitten and Manchester Municipal Design Corporation, as well as inviting international film submissions. The film is showing during an exhibition from October 15 to January 29 at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Peel Park Crescent, Salford M5 4WU.


Nick and Lizzy Sleeping

People I’ve Slept With branches into the moving image. I shot this while peering into the half wound down window of Lizzy’s car, where she and Nick were asleep in the back. The effect is somewhat creepier than stills.

Sketchbook Spreads

Some more snippets from my sketchbook.  This butterfly image comes from some photographs I took of butterfly corpses that lay on the roof of my tent this summer.  They became trapped between the tent and the fly, and we only noticed them when we went to sleep and saw their sillouettes in the moonlight.  It’s so bittersweet that they forget how to fly down, and only keep flying up and up until they are disoriented and exhausted.  Would they have died anyway? How long is a butterfly’s life span? I gathered up the little bodies when we packed up camp, and used one to sketch its patterns.  They are just common Monarch butterflies, but now that they are imortalised in my sketchbook, they won’t be forgotten!  Oh and there is a tupperware container of them in my lounge room…that is waiting for inspiration.  If you like butterflies, you should take a peep at Bobby’s photography.

The sketchbook also gave me a chance to play a little with popups, which is something I had been hoping to do for the Don’t Quit Your Day Job exhibition (But deadlines overcame me and I realised that I need to take one idea and focus on it rather than spread my efforts too thin across several poorly executed ideas – thus the pillowcases won over popups). I have been wanting to play with tunnel books to create a sleeping scene with some of my People I’ve Slept With images, but the sketchbook was practically ready made for this kind of layering. So I cut the pages to put Kate’s sleeping head amongst piles of sheets.  The page layering also worked to recreate the cluttered atmosphere of Marsh’s Free Museum’s oddities (the taxidermy pic).

Brunswick St Gallery Small Works

People I've Slept With: Kamal & Kaitlin

Three of the PISW sleeping portraits will be part of the
BSG $10,000 Small Works Exhibition
at Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
500 artists
2000 works under 30x30x30cm
Show runs from 10 Dec 2010 to 16 Jan 2011

Issue 3

Issue 3 of People I’ve Slept With was put together very quickly just after my trip to the Burning Man festival, in Nevada, USA.  It features sleepers from Black Rock City, the temporary metropolis that exists in the desert once a year for the festival.  I’ve dubbed this issue “Burners I’ve Slept With.”  The sleepers are mainly other members of our camp, Camp Maybe as well as a couple of people from neighboring camps who stopped by to crash on our couches or in our hammocks.  In this issue there are even some coupled sleepers who bunked down together.  The cover image is of Anna having a  rest stop on one of the sculptures in a desert dust storm.  It is a available at Polyester bookstore in Melbourne and I have just sent off some copies to Bird in The Hand distro.

Sleep With a Person I Slept With

Lay your head on these limited edition People I’ve Slept With pillowcases, and you can be cheek to cheek with Celeste, the sleeper whose image is lovingly screenprinted onto each one. The image is a sketch of the original photograph I took of Celeste while she slept, with a grey shading layer.  Each pillowslip also has a secret message printed just inside.  I spent many hours at Elle’s house churning these out in time for the exhibition. Thanks very much to El and Andrew for their patience, hospitality and sharing of equipment and skill. I think these worked out to be a lovely addition to the People I’ve Slept With project.  If you are interested in screenprinting, hit up Kick and Screen for expert help.

People I’ve Slept With Gets Around

So I’ve returned from USA, and have managed to deposit People I’ve Slept With # 2 with various zine stores and distros along the way.  Most excitingly look! PISW has its own page at Stanger Danger distro. People I’ve Slept With and Still Warm (my other zine project) are also now available at: Quimbys, Chicago, IL. Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA. Pilot Books and Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA.  Pic: Both zines on the shelf at Quimbys!

PISW Edition 2

My zine, People I’ve Slept With, is a cute little booklet about just that, but clean and sweet as can be. I just recently finished the exhausting photocopying, cutting, folding and stapling process for edition 2. I’m off to the USA tomorrow and this little booklet is coming with me, hopefully to get itself some exposure. Stranger Danger Distro is already going to take a few copies, so fingers crossed I can deposit the rest of the copies around the place. I’ll also be sleeping with new people so lots of opportunity for new pics and stories to go into edition 3.