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Gif-tastic Vancity

Laughing LaughingBb LaughingCc

The “A-maze-ing Laughter” statues in English Bay by Chinese Artist Yue Minjun. These gifs are created from photographs taken with my 3D lenticular camera. More to come!



The Only Trouble With Film

Tulip at VanDusen Botanical Garden
– Is that it’s well into winter and I am only now posting these pretty spring pictures. Taken at VanDusen Botanical Garden on 35mm film, months ago!

Lake In Spring At VanDusen Botanical Garden

Plants at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Purple and Lavender

Lake reflection at vanDusen Botanical Garden

Ducklings at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Duckling and Lilypads at vanDusen Botanical Garden

Flower Bed at VanDusen Botanical Garden


It’s the idealistic, yet brilliantly simple concept that got me. Combine art, philanthropy and bicycles and you have a unique mode of art dissemination. Papergirl takes art to the streets and delivers it straight to the people, in the style of a newspaper route. It’s a global art movement in its second year in Vancouver, and as an appreciator of both biking and the arts, I had to get involved. This week, all the donated art was exhibited at the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre and I went along to the opening.

This is the poster I contributed. The only prerequisite was that the art must be able to be rolled up to go into the delivery bags and baskets. When I was apartment hunting, it felt like I visited just about every apartment building in Kitsilano. I noticed that so many of the buildings have these endearing names scrolled on their doors. Being near what Vancouverites call a beach, some of the names have a seaside feel, and others allude to Maple something-or-other in an act of Canadian patriotism I suppose. So I’ve been collecting photographs of these as I stroll the neighbourhood. And that’s what I made, that right there.

Here is a piece that caught my eye because they must have a 3D camera like mine, with the 4 lenses.

Papergirl Vancouver ExhibitionAnd this is a shot of the bicycle sculpture they had dangling overhead. I like the unpretentious peg display method too.

The ‘giftervention’ is happening tomorrow. Papergirls will ride out, placing art in the hands of unsuspecting strangers on an undisclosed route. I wonder if I will spot them!


I’ve never seen so much cherry blossom. The streets were so pretty with all the petals sprinkled over the cars like confetti, making little white patches in the grass like snow. It makes a walk around the block feel like walking down the aisle, sorta. Then the sun comes and shines through those white blooms making me lament every time I left the house without a camera. Apparently it’s really annoying to clean off your car, but since it’s someone else’s, I’ll go on admiring it. These pics are all taken just around our neighbourhood, with my Olympus Trip and 400 ISO 35mm.

cherry blossom, sunlight, flare, car

cherry blossom, spring

blossom, spring, sidewalk

swing, sidewalk, blossom, sunlight

3D 35mm Gif Magic!

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Yes! It works! I’m so excited that I finally made a gif from my 3D camera that I had to post it straight away! Thankyou Nishika N8000 – all the elements have finally come together for gif creation. Mainly the trouble has been that all the photolabs charge too much to scan the unusal shaped negatives, so I haven’t seen any results except from holding my negatives up to the light. But, in a welcome twist of fate, my last roll of film got stuck in the camera, snapping only a few 3D pics before I had to pull it out, and the photolab doesn’t seem to have charged me extra to scan these. Now that I know the camera can actually take photographs in focus, I’m going to invest in my own scanner and then I can do this all the time. Yay! This pic is from the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. That’s how long I’ve been waiting.

The Best 15 Minutes of Light

You know what I mean. That perfect window of time when the sun is getting low in the sky. It’s like you and your camera can’t go wrong. I’ll never get over what that moment will do for a photo. These are more of my 35mm Olympus Trip pics from New Jersey, this time with ordinary colour film. I’m loving the orange glow of the light in the trees and it’s colour coordination with the neon orange hats we wore in case it was hunting season! Note: Morgan and Jay trying to look as if they are actually shooting something significant rather than just firing BB guns into the bushes.

Orange glow, sunset, boat, lake

Sunset, rifles, woods, trail

In the Cornfield

Have you seen coloured smoke bombs? They are like a firework that you light, but instead of shooting sparks into the sky they release a plume of coloured smoke. Fireworks are not something we get to play with all that much in Australia. When we visited a pal in New Jersey, she happened to have some of these little gems, so we headed to the nearest deserted cornfield to let them off (as you do). Having posted about the beautiful photography of Ignacio Torres recently on tumblr, I had some high hopes for snapping a few shots. But of course, like fireworks, it’s all a race to light the fuse, run back and get a good vantage point. You are at the mercy of the wind direction and time, and in my case, the slower workings of a film camera. I used the Olympus Trip with 100 ISO slide film again. The results are not quite as magical as the effects achieved with coloured powder  in this video, this video and this one – but I did enjoy the stark appearance of the dry, broken corn stalks against the soft smoke and the eerily dark sky.

Olympus (Camping) Trip

Ahh camping! That picture is from my favourite camping spot, and is making me long for another trip. Luckily, I’ve managed to chase the summer by moving to Canada and it will soon be appropriate weather for such trips again.

But this is about a rediscovered, old camera that was a hand-me-down from my father. I recall being allowed to take it to school camp in grade six, and it still has the now-weathered masking tape with my name written on it in Mum’s handwriting. When I started getting into film photography again, thanks mostly to lomography, I never considered that we might have a point and shoot in the family that could be worth using. (My sister has already snagged the SLR – her pictures are fantastic, take a look.) I found this Olympus Trip 35, at the bottom of an old box and I showed it to my sister, thinking she might want it. She told me that she had already bought one from Ebay – and that she had been keeping an eye out for one to buy me as a gift, that’s how good it is! So, I was really looking forward to seeing what it could do. Here are some of the first pictures I’ve taken with it, during camping trips back home, shot with 100 ISO slide film. I seem to have a thing for this recurring camping chair off-centre composition!

My mate’s kid at the Hume Weir. Gotta love the ‘tude in her expression!

And a couple of shots in the Otways over New Year’s. The way the filtered rays of light were captured was a lovely discovery.