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Art Night

I’ve been lucky enough to be included in a cool little crew of people who get together weekly to work on creative arty things in a shared space. It’s really chill, no pressure to turn up, but when you do, you know you can work on your projects in an environment with like-minded folks. I admit, I haven’t been to many of the meet-ups yet, but I already have a strong appreciation for the group. The night that Rachel hosted had a lot of people filter through, working on sketches, laptops, water colours – even woodburning/engraving!

I set up my camera to try out my recently acquired remote. It allows you to choose how often you want the camera to take a photo, in order to make a timelapse. I’m pretty sure I set it to every 15 seconds or so over 2 – 3 hours. (Actually I just left it going until the camera battery ran out.) I’m pretty happy with the results of my first timelapse. It was pure luck that people were situated in such a way that we can see their sketches evolve. It’s fun to re-watch it, focusing on just one person to see their movements throughout the night. I notice something new each time!

Big thanks to the art night folks, and to Eff for the music.


Interview 1: Mhairi

I’ve given myself a little undertaking to do an interview series before I leave Australia. My first subject was Mhairi, a former pelvic examination model and demonstrator. Here is an excerpt, with the extended interview to come. In this portion, Mhairi speaks about some of the incorrect behaviour that she was teaching OB/GYN medical students to avoid by allowing them to practise on a real person rather than a mannequin.

Internet Curation

I’ve become an obsessive poster over at my tumblr and pinterest of all the inspiring art and fascinating creative projects that I daily come across online. When Lost At E Minor – a site I regularly visit amongst my hefty blogroll of similarly attention grabbing content – invited me to submit multiple posts, I was eager to put some together for them. But then I kept discovering more and more amazing stuff, and found it hard to limit myself. What really blew my mind? What had me revisiting for a second look? What truly represented me and my taste?
I finally narrowed it down to plugging a couple of friends whose art really impresses me, some Australian projects to give it a local flavour and a couple of extras that I felt were quite relevant to my own art and interests. See what I posted here and for all the overflow (and less proofread words), check out my tumblr Not The Same Backwards.

Ugly/Beautiful Online

The entries from the Matchbox Zine project are now online at the Australian Book Arts Journal and will be exhibited there for the next 6 months. Project organiser Linda Douglas wrote, “We were overwhelmed  with and inspired by the standard of the works we received.” My entry is one of four of the zines from this project, which were chosen to appear in the printed December Issue of the journal. The gallery of entries is well worth a look. I especially like the concept of the one titled, “Why Did I Burn All The Matches?” Some really intricate binding techniques featured as well.

Cafe Lua First Time

Café Lua is running an art competition inviting submissions on the theme “The First Time.” I got together with competition organiser Eff Pan to make this promotional film. I helped out with interviewing and cinematography and my favourite thing (not): approaching strangers to ask them to be on camera. But I mostly left that to Eff.  Takes me back to my radio vox pop days – oh the pain of rejection! The photo above is of a tiny coffee the baristas made while we were there. That cup was about the size of a 10c coin!

Now I just have to get started on my entry! I’m pretty excited about reenacting the first time I have in mind. (Stop it – it’s totally innocent.)

Competition details:
Entry is free and you can win up to $375 worth of art supplies vouchers and the top six artists will have their work exhibited in Café Lua for four weeks. Highly commended submissions will get to have their work featured exclusively in a slide show that will be playing on the Café Lua flat screen tv.

Entries must be A4 or smaller (including framing) and can be in the form of illustration, photography, typography… or pretty much any medium which can be hung onto the Café Lua art wall.

Send your visual response to art@cafelua.com by Tuesday November 15th and come along to the launch party at Café Lua on Friday December 2nd.

More info on Facebook.

Matchbox Zine Project

That thing I made, a post ago…it’s a matchbox zine for the Australian Book Arts Journal. Obviously the challenge was to make a zine which fits inside a matchbox, but can become three dimensional when removed from the box. The matchboxes we were given in our kits were actually a little larger than average matchbox size so we didn’t have to work with the truly teeny tiny kind. I have been interested in using pop ups or paper craft with my zines for a while and so I considered making a tunnel book. But since it would be my first tunnel book attempt, I decided that I might save that idea for when I can refine it at a normal size, rather than try to squeeze it into the matchbox. I looked up different book folding and construction and settled on this style of making fold out albums – a bit of an extension on your average concertina style book. Constructed from individual squares, it leant itself well to the images I had in mind. I wanted this zine to be more visual, since words would just lead to eye strain anyway! On my recent trip to Spain and Portugal I had been fascinated with patterns and textures – particularly tiling – and I amassed quite a bit of photography featuring these patterns. In Portugal many houses have these glossy tiles on their exterior walls, that I can only describe as ugly, yet beautiful. I used these clashing photographs to make the resulting zine titled: Ugly/Beautiful. The matchbox zines will appear on the Australian Book Arts Journal website in November.

I Made Something Yesterday

More details soon.

Dumb Arts

Last night I had a video in the “Dumb Arts” exhibition put on by the folk at Saint One 20. I really enjoyed the way they pitched the premise:

“So here’s my idea; we make art where we deliberately set out to embarrass ourselves. Maybe it won’t even be funny, maybe it will be so damn stupid, so ridiculously dumb that we create awkward silences and people look away uncomfortably. Maybe this art is in the form of stupid drawings of your dog’s butt, maybe it’s Polaroid photos of yourself rolling around covered in scrambled eggs, maybe it’s a performance piece where you just stand in the middle of the room and make fart noises – I don’t know. That’s up to you.”

Oh and I like this part that drives the point home minus the butts, eggs and farts:

“Thing is, though, I believe that to be truly funny you can’t take yourself too seriously and you can’t be afraid of looking like a fool. I think us artists are really bloody scared of looking like idiots but I think that if we’re ever going to be any good, we have to overcome that fear.”

Here’s the video I contributed (best viewed full screen and in a continuous loop):

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/25924968 w=500&h=280]

This is one particularly eccentric gent I met during a recent trip to Spain where I did El Camino de Santiago.  Turning to me at a communal dinner, Gustavo introduced himself to me with a ‘tache wiggle that made me jump out of my seat (to grab the camera!).  I like the way that without the sound of laughter, he just looks kind of weathered, miserable and potentially deranged – yet he’s doing something damn silly.